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What you need to Get Started

You will need a few things to get started in Troop 60. You can find the "BSA" items at a Scout Shop.   The closest Scout Shop to Lexington located in Southborough at 23 Turnpike Road (Rte 9). The other things, you can find easily at any sporting goods store.


  • BSA Boy Scout Class A Uniform Shirt (short sleeves recommended)  If you had a tan shirt in cub scouts, slide down to the neckerchief slide on this list....
  • BSA Knox Trail Council shoulder patch
  • BSA World Crest patch

  • BSA Boy Scout Neckerchief slide
  • BSA red or green shoulder loops
  • Troop Numerals (for uniform)
  • Sturdy pair of hiking boots with good ankle support

DO NOT BUY THE FOLLOWING ITEMS (the troop will provide them to you):
  • Troop Neckerchief
  • BSA Boy Scout Handbook